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Sustainable Development and Eco-Responsibility

Our efficiency-oriented sustainability policy identifies risks in advance and develops minimization solutions. It allows us to create enduring values by efficiently using limited resources in all areas of production.

We make efficient use of all available resources involved in the production process as part of our entrepreneurial ethical values and consider this a duty of responsible citizenship. Our responsibility towards the world, the environment, humanity, and the future of our children obliges us to have a trade policy which uses the world's resources responsibly.

As one of the most influential members of the Turkish hydraulic industry and as part of our responsibility as a corporate citizen, we support a wide range of environmental projects every year which are in line with the corporate social responsibility awareness policy. We also continue our efforts to shoulder our responsibilities to the world in which we live.


We support social responsibility activities that focus on developing solutions to societal problems in all countries of our regions of operations, especially local populations.

Blue Ascend Hydraulics is developing a series of applications that focuses on local populations and contributes to the level of their well-being. Our social responsibility projects, which we support with the communication channels we have developed for the active participation of our employees and suppliers, favor practices focused on environmental awareness and sensitivity to the environment.

As in all our production activities, we also pay attention to our social responsibility commitments in which we are involved so that, in the long run, this generates lasting benefits for us all. 

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