As ASC Hydraulic was preparing to launch new products to the market in 2017, it prioritized quality in its production process. The organization decided to make an investment of 15 million TL the same year.

ASC Hydraulic continues its efforts to expand its market share while increasing its product range. The company increased its share in the hydraulic pump and hydraulic motor market by 50 percent in 2016 under the Blue Ascend Hydraulics brand.

ASC Hydraulic Industry San. ve Tic. Inc. Chairman of the Board of Directors Ömer Şen declared, “We never compromise on quality production and investments. Based on this idea, we decided to make an investment of 15 million TL in 2017. While increasing our product range, we continue to expand our market share as well.”

“We are expanding our market share day by day.”

Of further note, BlueAscend has become a sought-after brand in OEM (original product manufacturer) companies. Şen continued his words as follows: “In 2016, we increased our market share by 50 percent. During the said period, we exported to 27 countries and made a significant contribution to our country's economy. We set our growth target for 2017 at 54 percent.”

Blue Ascend Hydraulics' product range of hydraulic gear pumps, motors and flow dividers, competes with the big global brands. Outlining that it has earned the right to be among the top five brands in the world in terms of performance, silence and longevity, Ömer Şen stated, “There is no room for coincidence in production. We carry out all our work in a systematic way and we attach great importance to this system as well as to our team members.

“We are the market leader in some products.”

The most important indicators of success, according to Şen are teamwork, planning and goal-oriented work. about their situation in the Turkish market, Şen said: “We are in a good position in the domestic market with BlueAscend hydraulic pumps, motors and flow dividers. In some products, we are the market leader.”

Underlining that the Blueascend brand is a national product, Ömer Şen said, “Products with a national name but originating in China or any other country unfortunately find a place in the market. I regret to state that the national values of the country are wasted by taking into account simple profits. We are dedicated to serving this country with our local manpower, high technology and proper management system. 2017 will be the year for new products to meet the market for us. Our determination to fight will continue to increase every day more than the previous day," he concluded.